EMSOS 2023
35th Annual Meeting European Musculo-Skeletal
Oncology Society

23rd EMSOS Nurse and Allied Professions Group Meeting

DoubleTree Brussels Hotel, 10-11-12 May 2023 - Brussels

Rue Gineste 3, 1210 Brussels - Belgium


Message from EMSOS President

Dear EMSOS Friends,

It is my great pleasure and honour to invite you to the 35th Annual Meeting of the European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society combined with the 23rd Nurse and Allied Professions Group Meeting.

The 2023 Congress will be held in Belgium and we are all thrilled to meet up again in Brussels after many years.

Especially to me this meeting represents an important occasion, as it is the last one under my Presidency. This gives me the chance to wish a wholeheartedly “good luck” to Prof. Joanna Szkandera, which will take over from me as new President of the Society.

The Annual Meeting of EMSOS offers an outstanding opportunity to attend to lectures about the most modern diagnoses and therapies on musculoskeletal tumors from worldwide renowned oncologists. The program of the event – masterfully organised by Prof. Ramses Forsyth and Prof. Gwen Sys – will definitely not let you down!

The teams of this meeting really reflect the spirit of progress and evolution that always characterises our Society: EMSOS will go further and constantly improve thanks to all of you, dear Friends, contributing to the enhancement of musculoskeletal oncology for our patients.
Looking forward to seeing you in Brussels.

Pietro Ruggieri
President of EMSOS